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Fishing Safari Tahko – Järvisydän

Our Trip Starts from Tahko on the first morning and ends to Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän on the 5th Day. The trip lasts 5 days and 5 nights.

What to Expect on Your Fishing Adventure:

After starting this 5-day adventure from Tahkovuori, we will travel down the lake day by day towards our final destination. By the end of the five days, you will have traveled over 300 kilometers down the lakeland. The pace of the trip is determined by you and your guide according to your preference. During the trip, fishing will include casting in changing sceneries, fly fishing in rapids, trolling in the sunset, riding to unique sights, and taking time to relax on our stops by experiencing the Finnish nights and sauna. Our main catch will be trouts, salmons and pikes. The Nights this far up north are spectacular to say the very least. The sun goes down only for few hours a night and it really never gets dark on the mid-summer time. You will see places sought out only by the few who have explored this much of the Finnish lakeland by water. We will spend our nights in variety of accommodations within the route depending on our pace of travel. As we will be traveling through many scenic sights, don’t forget your camera as you will be witnessing even more of nature’s finest efforts on display. To keep you energized and hydrated, you will have your very own easily accessible cooler box that will be stocked all five days with plenty of snacks and cold drinks. Since this is an multi-day adventure, your jetski will have all necessary gear provided by us and enough space for your personal items. The clothing and gear will be selected and provided to you by us and will ensure your utmost comfort in the environment of Finnish lakeland and it’s changing weather conditions. This includes all items needed for a very comfortable trip, including sleeping gear, super comfy chair, a wind and waterproof clothing.

This is your time to relax, swim, experience sauna, catch fish and take in the beauty of Finnish lakeland. On the fifth night, we will end the trip at Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän where you will get to enjoy the unique lake-spa, three-course dinner from local ingredients and sleep under the sky on a luxury glass-igloo.

Lakeland Luxperience provides a 2020 Sea-Doo Fishpro, all equipment, fuel, fishing rods and tackle, meals, snacks, and drinks. 

Included with every 2020 Sea-Doo Fishpro is all necessary fishing gear including rods, reels and necessary tackle to catch several species of fish. Each Fishpro is also equipped with it’s own walkie-talkie to help communicate with your guide and others in your party. You will also have a personal 51 litre cooler box. A Garmin fish finder with GPS and offline maps of the whole route.

Our fishing trips are limited to 1 person per jetski. That’s mainly because practical functions. If you’re looking for 2 person experience and you want to share a jetski with a friend, you should check out our luxury safari option.

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